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Mid-IR Lasers

Mid-IR spectroscopy is a powerful tool that has been in use for decades for the detection, quantitation and identification of virtually any organic material. Quantum Cascade and Interband Cascade lasers (QCL, IBL) are fabricated using semi-conductor manufacturing technologies for the production of mid-infrared light. This revolutionary laser technology now puts us on the brink of being able to routinely detect, measure and identify virtually everything that surrounds us, from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the objects we touch. The impact will be far reaching: improving our environment, making us safer and healthier, helping us avoid harm, and improving our quality of life. Imagine being able to detect the onset of an illness or disease before any noticeable symptoms just by simply sampling your breath, or avoiding an allergy by checking your food before eating.

RedShift is applying its expertise in micro system, tunable filter, and laser technologies to help move this revolution forward.

TopTIR ModuleRedShift's TopTIR Laser module

Download the TopTIR laser Product Specifications.

TopTIR Specifications

Leader in Infrared Tuning

RedShift’s TopTIR™ technology is based on themo-optic tuning and has been applied to applications as diverse as telecommunications, thermal imaging and spectroscopy. Our TopTIR optical filters are solid state devices with no moving parts, enabling compact and reliable components and systems. We fabricate our filters using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology, the same technology found in most personal electronics devices used today. We then integrate our TopTIR filters into solutions for the OEM and end user, helping our customers solve problems and improve their competitiveness in a broad range of markets and applications.

RedShift has now developed a broadly tunable Mid-IR laser solution by combining our tunable filters with QC lasers.

These TopTIR lasers are specifically designed for the spectroscopy OEM looking to enter new markets or provide higher performance solutions in existing FTIR or TDLAS applications.

News & Events

May 1, 2015. RedShift has relocated to a new office location at 131 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803.

April 26-30, 2015. RedShift will present a paper at the 2015 ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, TX titled “The Evaluation of a mid-Infrared Laser for the Measurement of H2S in Natural Gas ”.

March 8-12, 2015. RedShift will present an invited paper at Pitttcon 2015 in New Orleans, LA titled “Quantum Cascade Lasers: The New Light? ”.

Feb 2, 2015. RedShift introduces two new OEM laser source development platforms, read the product brochure.

July 13-17, 2014. RedShift will present an invited paper at the OSA Applied Industrial Optics conference in Seattle Washington titled “Tunable QCLs with Intra‐Cavity MEMS Filters for Spectroscopic Applications”.

May 5, 2014. RedShift attends SPIE DSS in Baltimore MD and presented a paper titled “The Design and Performance Characterization of a Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser utilizing Thermo-optically Tuned Thin Film Filters”.

January 22, 2014. RedShift Ships First TopTIR™ Mid-IR Laser Modules.